The Reference List Guidelines

The proper compiling of the references is a very important aspect while preparing a paper and requires particular accuracy.

Each reference is numbered. Its number in Arabic numerals is placed in square brackets in the text. The references are listed in the order they appear in the article (Vancouver style), NOT in alphabetical order. The optimal number of cited references depends on the article type - approximately 20–30 for original articles and lectures and 60-100 for narrative reviews. It is advisable to cite original papers published in the last 5–7 years, which are retrieved from multidisciplinary (e.g., Scopus, Web of Science) and specialist bibliographic databases (e.g., MEDLINE, CINAHL). Unjustified author self-citations should be avoided. Citing conference proceedings, monographs should be kept to a minimum. The reference lists should not include non-peer-reviewed magazines and newspapers, unpublished sources, dissertations, textbooks, and manuals. Additional information on papers DOI, PubMed ID, and etc. should be given. If fewer than half of the resources in the references have a DOI index the article cannot be published in the international scientific journal. For more information refer to