Quality of life of patients with post-traumatic neuropathies and plexopathies accompanied by chronic neuropathic pain syndrome





chronic neuropathic pain syndrome, post-traumatic neuropathy and plexopathy, quality of life


Background. The modern concept of quality of life research creates opportunities for studying various aspects of patients’ lives, assessing the patient’s condition in dynamics and raises new questions about developing further approaches to a comprehensive assessment of the quality of life of patients with various neurological pathologies, in our case, the patients with post-traumatic neuropathy and plexopathies. Materials and methods. Seventy-three men with neuropathies and plexopathies were examined, who were divided into two groups. Group I included 44 patients with post-traumatic neuropathy and plexo-pathy. The second (control) group included 29 patients with compression-ischemic neuropathies and plexopathies without manifestations of chronic neuropathic pain. Patients underwent clinical and neurological examination, electroneuromyography, ultrasound. DN4 and PainDetect questionnaires were used to determine the neuropathic nature of the pain, and a visual analog scale was used to assess pain severity. The quality of life was assessed according to the MOS SF-36 questionnaire. Results. The study showed a significant reduction in the quality of life of patients with post-traumatic neuropathy and plexopathy accompanied by chronic neuropathic pain. The quality of life of patients compared to the control group is significantly lower on the scales of physical functioning, role functioning due to physical condition, the intensity of pain, mental health. In both groups, patients with neuropathies and plexopathies according to the MOS SF-36 questionnaire had reduced quality of life. In group I, chronic neuropathic pain was diagnosed in 32 patients (72.7 %). The indicators of pain corresponded to VAS 7.85 ± 1.52 points, according to the questionnaire DN4 — 7.83 ± ± 1.06, PainDetect Test — 23.20 ± 3.55.


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