No 6.92 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Pathogenesis of transient ischemic attacks: the problem of subtypes PDF (Українська)
S.M. Vinychuk, O.Ye. Fartushna 11-16
Use of endothelium-stabilizing drugs (Capicor) in the comprehensive pathogenetic treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease (clinical and experimental study) PDF (Русский)
I.N. Karaban, E.V Rosova, N.V. Karasevych, S.A. Kryzhanovsky, O.A. Gonchar, T.I. Drevitskaya, M.A. Chivlicliy, N.A. Melnik, I.N. Mankovskaya 19-26
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of migraine and episodic syndromes that may be associated with migraine of children in the Khmelnytskyi region based on the retrospective research PDF (Українська)
L.V. Pypa, R.V. Svistilnik, S.P. Moskovko, V.I. Ruda, Yu.N. Lysytsia 27-32
The influence of sensory deprivation on vegetative indexes and catecholamine dynamics in patients with consequences of mild craniocerebral trauma PDF (Українська)
V.А. Коrshnyak, B.А. Nаsibullin 35-39
Effect of the course of Rivastigmine Orion on the mnestic functions of patients with cognitive deficit associated with Parkinson’s disease PDF (Русский)
O.V. Shalenko, S.A. Kryzhanivskyi, I.M. Karaban 40-44
Meldonium in patients with ischemic stroke in the early recovery period PDF (Русский)
O.L. Tovazhnyanska, I.O. Lapshina, Ye.T. Soloviova 47-50
Neurophysiological predictors of circulation-metabolism relationship in chronic cerebral ischemia PDF (Українська)
T.V. Cherniy, M.A. Andronova, V.I. Cherniy, Andronova I.A. 51-62

To practicing Neurologist

Cardiovascular safety as an important criterion for selecting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs PDF (Українська)
I.Yu. Golovach 68-74
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome: clinical pattern, diagnosis and treatment PDF (Українська)
O.O. Kopchak 77-83
Alflutop® in medical practice (literature review) PDF (Русский)
G.P. Khassenova 84-92
GABAergic drugs in the therapy of the initial forms of dyscirculatory encephalopathy PDF (Русский)
V.V. Kuznetsov, М.S. Yehorova, D.V. Shulzhenko 105-111
Pompe disease clinical and laboratory diagnosis optimization among other hereditary neuromuscular diseases (literature review, own observations) PDF (Українська)
N.O. Pichkur 112-119
Modern views on the substrate and mechanisms of action of acupuncture PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Kovalenko, M.Ye. Chizhikova 120-126
Medical-social values and organization of psychological support and social adaptation for combatants and their families in modern conditions PDF (Українська)
I.I. Chernenko, I.А. Сhukhno 127-131
Intervention radiofrequency methods under ultrasound control in the abdominal hypogastric pain treatment. A clinical case PDF (Українська)
K.S. Novakovich, B.B. Pavlov 132-135