No 6.84 (2016)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

The Effect of Implantation of Neurogeltm Used with Xenogenic Bone Marrow Stem Cells on Motor Function Recovery after Experimental Spinal Cord Injury PDF (Українська)
V.I. Tsymbaliuk, V.V. Medvediev, O.A. Rybachuk, V.I. Kozyavkin, N.G. Draguntsova 13-19
Study of Corpus Callosum Size in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF (Українська)
L.G. Kirillova, A.A. Miroshnykov 20-27
Therapeutical Efficiency of Nalgesin Forte in the Treatment of the Patients with Vertebral Pain Syndromes PDF (Русский)
T.S. Mishchenko, V.N. Mishcheno 29-38
Neurometabolic Correction of Cardiocerebral Disorders in Vascular Encephalopathy PDF (Русский)
S.M. Kuznetsova, M.S. Yehorova 41-48
Treatment of Adults and Children with Local Spasticity of the Lower Extremities PDF (Українська)
Yu.A. Lontkovskyi 51-57
Strategy for Psychotherapy Treatment of the Neurotic Disorders in Participants of Modern Warfare PDF (Українська)
M.M. Matyash, L.I. Khudenko 58-64

To practicing Neurologist

Contemporary Peculiarities of Neurological Complications of Chronic Alcoholism PDF (Русский)
A.L. Leonovich, L.V. Shalkevich, A.I. Kudlatch 70-77
Innovations in Pharmacotherapy Strategy on the Early Stages of Cognitive Impairment PDF (Русский)
S.H. Burchynskyi, O.V. Demchenko 85-90
Dizziness as Interdisciplinary Problem PDF (Українська)
K.F. Trinus 91-101
Antiparoxysmal Brain Mechanisms and Methods of Their Correction PDF (Русский)
E.G. Dubenko, T.N. Muratova, D.P. Kovalenko, L.I. Kovalenko 120-124


Post-Stroke Fatigue: Etiology and Pathogenesis, Modern Principles of Management (Literature Review) PDF (Українська)
I.I. Delva, N.V. Lytvynenko, M.Yu. Delva 131-138
Modern Views Concerning the Mechanisms of Blast Wave Influence on the Central Nervous System and Formation of Neurological Symptoms PDF (Українська)
V.А. Коrshnyak, B.А. Nаsibullin 139-142

Case report

«Cracked as a Pumpkin» — ​Recurrent Closed Craniocerebral Injury: Fracture of the Cranial Vault (Clinical Case, Own Observation of the Authors) PDF (Українська)
Ya.I. Lomei, I.Ya. Ravlinko, Yu.Ya. Lomei, O.I. Ihnatov 125-130