Vol 16, No 4 (2020)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Clinical syndromes of thalamic strokes in posterolateral vascular territory: a prospective hospital-based cohort study PDF
S.M. Vinychuk, M.M. Prokopiv, L.M. Trepet, O.Ye. Fartushna 8-12
Assessment of compliance with current clinical guidelines on clinical and hardware diagnosis of stroke according to the data of the Vinnytsia register for the period of 2017–2019 PDF
S.P. Moskovko, D.O. Fiks, А.V. Shayuk 13-19
Neurophysiological features of spastic syndrome in children with cerebral palsy depending on the severity of motor disorders PDF (Українська)
I.A. Zorii, V.M. Pashkovskyy, N.V. Vasilieva, O.M. Nika 20-25
Clinical and mathematical analysis of differences for various types of course in sporadic and familial forms of multiple sclerosis PDF (Русский)
N.P. Voloshyna, T.V. Nehreba, V.M. Kirzhner, T.N. Pohuliaieva, V.V. Vasylovsky, L.P. Tereshchenko, M.E. Chernenko, S.V. Fedosieiev, K.O. Pesotska, T.H. Vorobiova, O.V. Yehorkina 26-32

To practicing Neurologist

EPNS/TAB visit to Ukraine PDF (Українська)
S.K. Yevtushenko 5-7
Venous occipital infarction in a young patient PDF (Українська)
O.L. Sidelkovskyi, O.A. Ovsiannikov, M.R. Ihnatishchev 33-36
Autism spectrum disorders in infants: evolution of concepts and opportunities of diagnosing (part 1) PDF (Українська)
L.H. Kyrylova, O.O. Miroshnikov, O.O. Yuzva 37-42
Diencephalic brain lesions of herpesvirus etiology in humans: a literature review and a clinical case (part 1) PDF (Українська)
D.V. Maltsev 43-52

Our contemporaries

Pediatric Neurology Service of Ukraine. Historical essay PDF (Українська)
V.Yu. Martyniuk 53-58