Vol 16, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Editor Page

Appeal of Editor-in-Chief PDF (Українська)
S.K. Yevtushenko 1

Original Researches

Effect of Professor Kozyavkin method on hand function in children with cerebral palsy PDF
O.O. Kachmar, I.R. Mysula, A.D. Kushnir, B.Yu. Fedchyshyn, N.V. Melekh 2-9
Assessment of the quality of inpatient stroke care delivery according to the data of RES-Q PDF (Українська)
T.S. Mishchenko, N.M. Chemer, S.P. Moskovko, A.P. Huk, O.D. Shulha, Yu.V. Flomin, M.V. Huliaieva, T.M. Muratova, D.M. Khramtsov, Yu.S. Vadziuk 10-16
The blood serum concentration of aluminium and lead in persons in peaceful territory with mild to moderate severity of the brain injury in acute and intermediate periods PDF
M.G. Semchyshyn, V.M. Shevaga 17-21
The alteration of immunoglobulin glycosyl determinants in patients with multiple sclerosis as a diagnostic marker of the disease PDF (Українська)
К.М. Hychka 22-29
The effectiveness of using quercetin in patients with ischemic stroke and comorbidity PDF (Українська)
M.M. Prokopiv, S.V. Rogoza, M.V. Polivoda 30-35
Clinical and neurological characteristics of pain syndrome and peculiarities of movement pattern in young patients with vertebral dorsalgia of the cervicobrachial area PDF (Українська)
N.S. Kufterina 36-41
Impaired osmotic balance in conditions of non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage PDF (Русский)
N.M. Buchakchyska, K.Yu. Polkovnikova 58-64
Thermoregulatory effects of triiodothyronine derivatives: in vivo study and review of potential neuroprotective effects PDF (Русский)
D.A. Filimonov, N.N. Trubnikova, M.A. Belotserkovskaya, A.A. Fedorova, A.B. Eresko, V.V. Marusichenko 65-71
Structural-morphometric and clinical-encephalographic features of epilepsy in patients in the late recovery period of ischemic stroke (literature review) PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Vynnyk, I.B. Yaroschuk 72-77

To practicing Neurologist

Neuroplasticity and post-stroke cognitive impairment (therapeutic possibilities) PDF (Русский)
V.M. Mishchenko, L.P. Zabrodina 42-49
Features of lamotrigine use in the modern treatment of epilepsy PDF (Українська)
T.A. Litovchenko, O.Yu. Sukhonosova, S.M. Koreniev 50-57

Our contemporaries

Yurii Ivanovych Holovchenko, Oleksii Leonovych Sidelkovskyi PDF (Українська)
S.K. Yevtushenko 78-79