Comparison of prevalence, incidence and disability from nervous diseases and epilepsy among children of the Kharkiv region and Ukraine

O. Sukhonosova


The article presents the results of comparison of prevalence, incidence and disability from nervous diseases and epilepsy among children of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine and Ukraine as a whole and the results are compared with global figures. In 2015 in Ukraine 407 618 cases of diseases of nervous system were registered in children from 0 to 17 years of age, that is 53.53 per 1000 children, the average value for 5 years is 459 300 children (58.354 ‰), in the Kharkiv region 36 494 children (86.28 ‰) were diagnosed with diseases of nervous system, 5-year average is 39 883 children (94.476 ‰). The prevalence of epilepsy in Ukraine amounts to 25 695 children (3.21 ‰), higher than the prevalence of cerebral palsy or neuroinfections, the average value for 5 years is 24 667 children (3.144 ‰). In the Kharkiv region the number is 1 451 children (3.43 ‰), 5-year average is 1 340 children (3.21 ‰). The incidence of diseases of the nervous system in children in Ukraine amounts to 140 494 children (18.45 ‰), an average over 5 years is 159 215 children (20.29 ‰), in the Kharkiv region the number is 11 871 children (28.07 ‰), an average is 13 795 children (33.068 ‰). The incidence of epilepsy in children in Ukraine is 3 306 children (0.43 ‰), the average value for 5 years is 3 569 children (0.454 ‰). In Kharkiv region the incidence is 252 persons (0.53 ‰), an average is 201.2 children (0.468 ‰). In Ukraine, over the past 5 years there has been a tendency to reduce the prevalence and incidence of diseases of the nervous system in children, while in the Kharkiv region in 2014–15 there is an increase of these indicators, which is connected, apparently, with the migration of the population. In the structure of disability of children under the age of 18 in Ukraine diseases of the nervous system come second, amounting to 29 684 children (37.1 per 10 000 children), the proportion is 17.6 %, in the Kharkiv region this number is 1 770 (41.8 per 10 000 children). Thus, the presented results of the work allowed to analyze a group of children under 18 years of age with diseases of the nervous system, to determine a number of epidemiological indicators for the Kharkiv region, to assess first of all, the place and importance of epilepsy, to compare data obtained with all-Ukrainian data for optimization of medical care for children.


children; incidence; prevalence; disability; nervous system diseases; epilepsy

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