Investigation of the Association between ACE, AGT and FGB Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Early Onset of Atherothrombotic Ischemic Stroke in Ukrainian Caucasian Population

V.I. Tsymbalyuk, I.G. Vasilyeva, M.R. Kostiuk, N.G. Chopik, O.S. Galanta, O.I. Tsyubko, N.P. Oleksenko, A.B. Dmitrenco, T.A. Makarova, N.D. Snitsar


Background. Atherothrombotic ischemic stroke accounts for about 50 % of all cases of ischemic strokes. It is a highly invalidating disease that affected not only older people, but also young adults, who can work, and children. Blood vessels damage can be linked with genetic changes in candidate genes, such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), angiotensinogen (AGT) and beta-fibrinogen (FGB). We aimed to investigate the association between I/D polymorphism (rs1799752) of ACE gene, T174M (rs4762) polymorphism of AGT gene and C-148T polymorphism of FGB gene with risk of early onset of atherothrombotic ischemic stroke in Ukrainian Caucasian population. Materials and methods. 78 cases (24 females and 54 males, mean age was 53.90 ± 9.43 years) and 55 controls (20 females and 35 males, mean age was 59.8 ± 14.8 years) were enrolled in this study. FGB and AGT polymorphisms were determined by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) followed by digestion with restriction enzymes. ACE polymorphism was determined by allele specific PCR method. Results. Risk assessment showed significant lower risk for I/D and D/D genotype of ACE gene carriers (odds ration (OR) = 0.303, 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.134–0.688; р < 0.05, and OR = 0.303, 95% CI: 0.134–0.688; р < 0.05, respectively) than for I/I genotype. Patients with -148CT genotype of FGB gene had a higher risk of developing ischemic stroke compared with -148CC carriers (OR = 2.452; 95% CI: 1.201–5.005; р < 0.05). No risk was obtained for polymorphism T174M of AGT gene. Conclusions. Our findings suggest that I/I genotype of ACE gene and C/T genotype of FGB gene are associated with early onset of atherothrombotic ischemic stroke in Ukrainian Caucasian population.


ischemic stroke; polymorphism; angiotensin-converting enzyme; angiotensinogen; beta-fibrinogen


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