Peculiarities of Cerebral Hemodynamics and Vascular Autoregulation in Chronic Brain Ischemia

Kozyolkin A.A. Kozyolkin A.A., S.V. Yarkova


Eighty patients were examined. Sixty one of them had dyscirculatory encephalopathy II stage. They were divided into two groups differed by treatment mode. Namely, the patients of the first group got L-arginine and the patients from the control did not use it. The cerebral hemodynamics in the patients was examined through the duplex scanning of extra- and intracranial arteries. According to the results there were found significantly improved hemodynamic parameters in the patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy II stage treated with L-arginine.


cerebrovascular diseases; endothelial dysfunction; cerebral hemodynamics; cerebrovascular reactivity; L-arginine


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