Experience of Long-Term Monitoring of Children with Epilepsy in the Kharkiv Region

O.Yu. Sukhonosova


The article presents the experience of а long-term monitoring of children with epilepsy and its various clinical forms and introduction of this monitoring in the health care system of Kharkiv region.
It is shown that long-term monitoring of children with paroxysmal states due to the introduction of developed formalized card in health care institutions makes it possible to use, depending on the features of clinical course, taking into account gender and the age of a child, an individual approach both to the treatment strategy, the choice of a selective treatment, prevention of the formation of pharmacoresistance and to the secondary prevention of further development of the cognitive, behavioral and other disorders, social exclusion, thereby reducing the disability of children with epilepsy, and to obtain the economic effect.


epilepsy; children; monitoring


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