Clinical and MRI Comparisons for Manifestations of Brain Damage in Multiple Sclerosis in Their Pathogenic Presentation

O.O. Yarosh, O.V. Sayko


63 patients with different clinical forms of multiple sclerosis and stages of its clinical course had been examined. The basis for the diagnosis of the disease were the following criteria, including their combination: complaints and medical history for this disease; substantive clinical symptoms, which manifested with multiple lesions of phylogenetically young conducting pathways; intermittent or intermittent-progressive clinical course of the disease with signs of instability; appearance of illness mainly in young age, and also the presence of immunopathological disorders. This work proved that magnetic resonance imaging examination is not able to determine the pathomorphological nature of affected brain substance, including varieties of periaxial process, one of which is demyelinisating one which associates multiple sclerosis. Therefore, analysis of clinical picture of the pathology of specified disease underlies its recognition, taking into account the results of paraclinical methods of investigation.


multiple sclerosis; magnetic resonance imaging; clinical assessment of neurological status


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