Analysis of Demographic Data and Complaints of Patients with Cervicogenic Vertebrobasilar Cerebrovascular Insufficiency at an Early Stage of Disease

O.M. Kozar-Gurina


The purpose of the study — to identify patients’ complaints typical for the early stages of cervicogenic vertebrobasilar insufficiency and to study their relationship with disease duration, age, and sex of patients to improve diagnosis, early treatment of vertebrobasilar insufficiency and to prevent strokes. The study involved 100 patients aged 20 to 50 years at an early stage of cervicogenic vertebrobasilar insufficiency. Duration of the disease, which was determined from the first onset of the complaints ranged from 1 month to 10 years. The patients were divided into groups depending on the duration of the disease, age and gender. We had analyzed the complaints of the patients, as well as correlation of these complaints with duration of disease, age and sex of patients. It was found that women are getting sick more often than men suffer, regardless of age. It is noticed that at a young age the number of complaints increases due to such complaints, as depression, irritability, rises in blood pressure, sympathetic-adrenal crises, sleep disturbance, which often leads to diagnostic errors and referral of patients to a psychotherapist, therapist or endocrinologist. Common complaints of patients are headache, dizziness, and pain in the neck, the number of these complaints doesn’t depend on gender of patients. In general, the number of complaints increases with the duration of the disease and points to the deepening of vertebrobasilar cerebrovascular insufficiency with time. Typical complaints for men are rises in blood pressure and sympathetic-adrenal crises, but women are characterized by attacks of migraine and performance decrement.


vertebrobasilar cerebrovascular insufficiency; early stage of disease; patients’ complaints; patients’ demographic data


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