Functionality of the Family System as a Factor of Prediction/Prevention for Development of Mental Health Problems in Parents of Children with Cancer Pathology

M.V. Markova, O.V. Piontkovska


This paper studied and evaluated the mental state of the parents of children with cancer, depending on the functionality of the family system. It is established that in the couple, whose relations were characterized by a violation of family interaction, mental distress was more pronounced and had a tendency to transform into a clinically-defined mental disorder. Gender-specific manifestations of psychiatric symptoms and risk of developing mental disorders were identified. The prevalence of mental disorders among parents of children with cancer, especially in families with a violation of the family’s functioning, indicating the need to organize and carry out activities aimed at maintaining and preserving the mental health of parents and children with cancer targeted at increasing intra-family resource and rehabilitation potential.


psychiatric disorders; family; parents; children with cancer


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