Treatment of Adults and Children with Local Spasticity of the Lower Extremities

Yu.A. Lontkovskyi


The present article describes a differential approach to the treatment of local spasticity of the lower limbs. The question of improving the quality of life of patients with organic lesions of the central nervous system in the late period comes to the fore today. One of the main causes for the low quality of life of these patients is abnormal muscle spasticity. Such patients hardly move, their care becomes more complicated. Spasticity in the adductor muscles of the hip complicates nursing, making it impossible to form the hip joints in patients with cerebral palsy. Local spasticity in the flexors of the foot and toes limits the functionality of patients, makes it impossible to develop skills of standing and walking, leads to the abnormal posture, spinal curvature, muscle-tendon and joint contractures. During a thorough preoperative selection, there has been conducted a test with paraneural blockade of nerves using bupivacaine that innervate the spastic muscle. In the absence of irreversible fibrodegenerative changes in the muscles and maintaining mobility in joints during anesthetic action, there occurred a significant improvement of the patient’s state accompanied by a significant decrease in spasticity and increased range of motion in joints. All patients in the early postoperative period revealed a significant decrease in the muscle tone and a significant increase in the range of motion in joints. Due to this, spastic syndromes disappeared that made it possible to carry out early rehabilitation, to begin the formation of statomotor skills already at this stage.


local spasticity of the lower limbs; cerebral palsy; toxic myelopathy; violation of cerebral circulation; consequences of traumatic brain injury; consequences of traumatic spine injury; disseminated encephalomyelitis


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