Autonomic Dysfunction in Exacerbation of Lumbar Pain Syndrome: Clinical Associations and Options of Drug Correction

S.P. Moskovko, A.V. Kostiuchenko, V.P. Perova


The objective of the study was to investigate the relationship of autonomic dysfunction with other components of the clinical pattern of exacerbation of chronic lumbar pain syndrome, to identify options for drug therapy. We have examined 230 patients with exacerbation of lumbar pain syndrome. The presence of significant autonomic dysfunction and emotional disorders was detected in patients with exacerbation of lumbar pain syndrome. Evaluation of parameters of autonomic dysfunction, sensory and affective components of painful sensation in 22 patients under the influence of comprehensive treatment for exacerbation of lumbar pain syndrome using trazodone hydrochloride is given.


back pain; autonomic dysfunction; trazodone hydrochloride


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