Alcohol-Associated Polyneuropathy (Scientific Review)

T.V. Chistik


The paper deals with the results of the investigation of the epidemiology and pathogenesis of alcohol-associated polyneuropathy. There are presented the results of clinical studies on this pathology. The polyneuropathy was found to develop in persons abused ethanol not less than 100 ml a day. It was concluded that polyneuropathy occurs mostly in persons with chronic alcoholism and is asymptomic on early stages. At that the duration of alcohol abuse and kind of drink play a significant role. The complex of B vitamins was shown to be of a great importance for polyneuropathy treatment, including alcohol-associated ones. It was emphasized on using Vitaxon® with a high clinical efficacy in alcohol-associated polyneuropathies treatment due to high doses of thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride and cyanocobalamine.


chronic alcoholism; polyneuropathy; electroneuromyography; treatment; a complex of B vitamins; Vitaxon®


Vittadini G., Buonocore M., Colli G., Terzi M., Fonte R., Biscaldi G. Клиника и эпидемиология алкогольной полиневропатии // Медицинская бибилиотека Оксфорда. Тематический сборник. — Выпуск № 2. — 2012. — С. 23-29.

Vittadini G., Buonocore M., Colli G., Terzi M., Fonte R.,

Biscaldi G. Алкогольная полиневропатия: клиническое и эпидемиологическое исследование // Оксфордские журналы, переводные лицензированные статьи по современной медицине. Тематический сборник. — 2010. — С. 6-14.

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