Mildronate® — Treatment of Cardioneurological Pathology in Ischemia and Hypoxia

V.V. Afanasyev, N.K. Sviridova


Cerebrovascular pathology has long moved from the category of a single medical problem in the social problem. Progression of vascular lesions of the brain results in significant disability, and in the later stages interfere with the ability to self-service and significantly reduces the quality of life. The key link is ischemic brain damage, or glutamate, cascade, which many researchers believe trigger excitotoxic damage and a major cause of neuronal death. One important component of effective control of sequellae of ischemic disorders is complex neurocytoprotective therapy. To correct sequellae of both acute and chronic ischemia of the brain need it’s necessary to act effectively in several directions simultaneously, normalizing metabolic changes, eliminating the cytokine imbalance transcription violations, reducing the severity of oxidative stress and excitotoxicity.


cerebrovascular pathology; vascular damage of the brain; complex neurocytoprotective therapy; Мildronate®; rehabilitation


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