Brain Aging: Opportunities of Neurogeroprotective Therapy

T.I. Nasonova, I.V. Sazonov


In order to study the effect of the inclusion of modern neuroprotectors with antihypoxic action in the complex therapy of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and to assess the possibility of using the study of cognitive evoked potentials by P300 method (latency) to determine neurogeroprotective effect, there has been carried out an open, randomized study. Study group comprised of 50 patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (discirculatory encephalopathy (DE) stage II) aged 47 to 74 years (mean age 66.7 years) who received, in addition to conventional one, a step treatment with Armadin by scheme: 1st — 7th day — i/m 100 mg twice a day; 8th — 21st day — orally, 1 tablet (125 mg) 3 times a day. The control group consisted of 20 patients aged 48 to 70 years who received conventional therapy. Efficacy of the therapy has been assessed based on the results of follow-up in the dynamics of clinical and neurological indicators, the results of neuropsychological testing using standard scales, as well as studies of cognitive evoked potentials by P300 method. As a result of step drug treatment with Armadin, patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (DE stage II) showed a decrease of subjective and objective symptoms of DE as a reduction in symptoms of dizziness, headaches, memory enhancement, general well-being and, as a result, improved quality of life. According to our calculations, the change of biological age was –5.752 and –6.352 in the study group and +2.92 and +2.512 years — in the control one, in terms of to the P300 in the respective leads. Thus, Armadin demonstrated neurogeroprotective effect in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (DE stage II).


aging; neuroprotection; Armadin


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