IgG Class Autoantibodies to Myelin Basic Protein and Histone H1 as a New Biological Markers of Multiple Sclerosis

S.Ya. Кyryliuk, Т.I. Nеgrych, R.S. Stоykа, Yu.Ya. Kit


In order to find new markers of the clinical course of multiple sclerosis we conducted a comparative analysis of the content in the blood serum of patients with multiple sclerosis of IgG-antibodies specific for histone H1 and myelin basic protein (MBP). For the analysis we used 55 serum samples of male and female patients of all ages, with different disease course. For the investigation of the antihistone H1 and anti-MBP-IgG-antibodies we used enzyme immunoassay. It was found that the serum of patients with multiple sclerosis significantly differ by content of antyhiston-H1- and anti-MBP-antibodies, and level of IgG-antibodies depends on the clinical characteristics of the disease.


multiple sclerosis; IgG; histone H1; myelin basic protein


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