System for Preventing Recurrent Episodes of Depressive Disorders

Ye.N. Kireyeva


The article deals with the working out of psychological prophylaxis system of recurrent depressive disorder, which would prevent the re-development of a depressive episode when it is being used in the prodromal stage of the disease — in the presence of predictors of recurrent depressive disorder. Implementation of therapeutic effect occurs due to the three vectors: autodiagnostic (autonosognosic), medical preventive, autotherapeutic. The main emphasis in the psychological prophylaxis system was placed on autocuration component. In educating patients, the following psychotherapeutic techniques were used: behavioral; cognitive, including Beck’s behavioral therapy; self-hypnosis according to Schulz. As a result of psychological prophylaxis introduction, we managed to avoid the development of a depressive episode in 98.00 % of cases.


recurrent depressive disorder; depressive episode; depression predictors; psychological prophylaxis; psychotherapy


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