Clinical Features of Focal Cortical Dysplasias in Children

M.I. Sigatullina, Sh.Sh. Shamansurov, N.A. Mirsaidova, Kh.L. Relova


The article deals with the studying the basic clinical features in children with focal cortical dysplasia (FCD), and an assessment of neurosurgical treatment efficiency. The clinical features of 30 patients aged from 2 months to 16 years with the diagnosis of brain FCD were analyzed, as well as an efficiency of pre- and postoperative observation of the patients after neurosurgical treatment was estimated. All patients with FCD were found to have refractory epileptic seizures, 22 patients (73 %) were operated. Neuroimaging data in 70 % patients with FCD completely corresponded to data of long video-EEG-monitoring and a clinical semiology of seizures that is good predictive criteria for carrying out purposeful antiepileptic therapy and operative treatment in a case of refractory seizures.


focal cortical dysplasia; epilepsy; surgical treatment of epilepsy; children


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