Psychoemotional Disorders in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

V.I. Romanenko


The aim of the study — to examine the peculiarities of psychoemotional disorders in groups of patients with chronic low back pain according to The Quebec Task Force Classification for Spinal Disorders (QTFCSD). Materials and methods. 103 patients with chronic vertebrogenic low back pain (CVLBP) and 30 apparently healthy subjects were examined. According to the results of clinical and neurological examination, all patients were divided into groups that met the first four groups of QTFCSD. In order to study psychoemotional disorders, a survey was conducted using Spielberger test modified by Khanin and Beck inventory. Results. In the group of patients with CVLBP, we observed higher levels of reactive and personal anxiety, depression compared to the control group. Thus, the average score of reactive anxiety was 51 (47; 58), personal anxiety — 44 (41; 50), depression — 4 (3; 7) points. When dividing the patients into groups according to QTFCSD, the highest values of reactive (56 (49.5; 61.5)) and personal (47 (41.5; 51.5)) anxiety, as well as depression (6 (4; 9)) were in group IV. Levels of personal anxiety and depression significantly (P < 0.05) differed in patients from groups II (42 (38.75; 43.25) and 2.5 (0.75; 4), respectively) and III (47 (41.5; 52.5) and 5 (3.5; 8.5), respectively). Conclusions. Patients with CVLBP have manifestations of anxiety and depression of varying degree, for detection of which it’s appropriate to carry out a comprehensive clinical and psychological examination. The study of anxiety and depression indicators allows us to individualize the approach to the treatment that will improve the psychoemotional and social status of patients.


low back pain; psychoemotional disorders; anxiety; depression; Spielberger inventory; Beck questionnaire


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