Features of Emotional Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease

H.O. Starovoitova, H.V. Horeva, T.M. Slobodin, Yu.I. Holovchenko


The research deals with the study of emotional disorders in Parkinson’s disease, their associations with other manifestations of the disease and personality traits of patients with Parkinson’s disease. High prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders in patients with Parkinson’s disease, their correlation with progression of impaired activities of daily living, with progression of such motor disorders, as hypokinesia and postural instability, as well as the presence of such non-motor manifestations of the disease, as disorders of smell, sleep, restless leg syndrome; reduction in the strength of correlation between depression and anxiety, depression and some personal parameters, in particular the harm avoidance, enables to make a conclusion about the biological and psychogenic basis of emotional disorders in Parkinson’s disease.


Parkinson’s disease; depression; anxiety; personality traits


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