Current Issues of Diagnostics and Pharmacotherapy of Parkinson’s Disease and its Phenocopies (Lecture)

S.K. Yevtushenko


The lecture considers the issues of early clinical, biochemical, genetic and instrumental diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at the present level. The main degenerative diseases, whose initial clinical symptoms are close to that of parkinsonism, are presented synoptically. The international classification of degenerative diseases with symptoms of parkinsonism on the basis of violations of metabolic proteins (tauopathy, synucleopathy et al.) is provided. The issues of treatment for Parkinson’s disease and its phenocopies are considered. The lecture is intended for an audience of neurologists undergoing refresher and pre-certification courses, and can also be used as a training and research material in the preparation of postgraduate students, medical residents, doctoral students.


Parkinson’s disease; tauopathy; synucleopathy; Lewy body disease; corticobasal degeneration; multiple system atrophy; vascular parkinsonism; madopar; mirapex; midantan; neupro (rotigotine); dopamine pump


Джеймс Паркинсон. Эссе о дрожательном параличе: Пер. с англ. д.м.н., проф. М.В. Селиховой. — Санкт-Петербург, 2010. — С. 80.


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