Pathogenetic Reasons for Usage of Piascledine for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

I.Yu. Holovach


Osteoarthritis is nowadays considered not as a degenerative process but as a pathological remodeling of various tissues of a joint (bone, cartilaginous and synovial tissue) that is associated with and determined by pro-inflammatory mediators with further development of metabolic and functional dysfunction of all joint structures. Interleukin 1 plays a particular role in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. It affects metabolism of articular cartilage and sunchondral bone in different ways. The family of transforming growth factors also plays an important role, namely transforming growth factor β. That is why they are important targets for therapeutic strategy in osteoarthritis. Discovery of molecular mechanisms of cartilage degradation and detailing of the reasons of persistent inflammation in joint tissues led to the development of the agents with symptoms and structure modifying properties that affect the course and rate of progression of the disease. According to ЕULAR 2003 recommendations only 5 agents have symptom modifying action, particularly chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulphate, diacerein, hyaluronic acid and Piascledine. The last agent is of great interest due to its anticytolytic action. The paper deals with the experimental proves for positive effects of Piascledine on the concentration of pro-inflammatory cytokines as well as the results of clinical studies of high efficiency of the agent with symptoms and structure modifying properties for the treatment of osteoarthritis.


osteoarthritis; pathogenesis; inflammation; pro-inflammatory cytokines; Piascledine


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