Compressive Ischemic Neuropathy of Right Peroneal Nerve in a 10-Year-Old Girl with Leg Paresis Induced by Popliteal Exostosis (as a Manifestation of Diaphysial Aclasia)

S.K. Yevtushenko, M.A. Moskalenko, O.S. Yevtushenko, M.R. Shaimurzin, A.M. Kardash, I.A. Maleeva


The paper describes a case of compressive ischemic neuropathy of peroneal nerve in a girl. It was induced by multiple osteochondromatosis — diaphysial aclasia with expressive distal leg paresis, impaired vibration sensation, cyllosis, ankle joint contracture and walking dysfunctioning. The operative invention and the first course of rehabilitation therapy were associated with positive dynamics like appearance of active movements in toes of a right leg.


multiple exostosis (diaphysial aclasia); peroneal nerve neuropathy; treatment; children


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