Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the Elderly with «Silent» Brain Infarctions

V.M. Mishchenko, I.M. Nikishkova


The comparative study of the structure and significance of cardiovascular risk factors for «silent» brain infarctions in 404 patients (202 persons with magnetic resonance signs of «silent» brain infarctions, 202 — without them), aged from 62 to 78 years, has shown that arterial hypertension (p < 0.01), abdominal obesity (p < 0.01), smoking (p < 0.05), high blood serum level of creatinin (p < 0.05), and obstructive sleep apnoe (p < 0.05) were risk factors for «silent» brain infarctions in the elderly population of Ukraine. In terms of «silent» brain infarct formation, the most adverse was a simultaneous presence of 3 (p < 0.01) or 4 (p < 0.03) cardiovascular risk factors. The gender factor was significantly associated with arterial hypertension (p < 0.01), abdominal obesity (p < 0.05), and smoking (p < 0.03), but it was not an independent risk factor for «silent» brain infarctions. The study demonstrated a range of significance of specific cardiovascular risk factors for «silent» brain infarctions in the elderly and revealed the importance of further research of the role of a combined impact of risk factors for «silent» brain infarctions.


«silent» brain infarctions; cardiovascular risk factors; age; prevalence


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