Features of Multiple Sclerosis Course in Women in Regard with Childbirth

T.I. Negrych, L.B. Orynchak


The article presents the data of own research of the influence of pregnancy and childbirth on clinical characteristics of multiple sclerosis. There were analyzed the data of the 207 observed women suffering from multiple sclerosis. There was collected the history of life and disease, and as well as the course of pregnancy and childbirth were studied in details. The data on the types of delivery among the examined women suffering from multiple sclerosis were presented. There were analyzed the peculiarities of the course, degree of multiple sclerosis progression according to EDSS depending on the number of the children born. In particular, there was studied the multiple sclerosis course in women giving birth after the disease onset. The effect of abortion on the demyelinating process was shown.


multiple sclerosis; onset; pregnancy; childbirth


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