Thoracalgia as an actual problem in the practice of neurologist: diagnosis and treatment


  • M.M. Oros Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • I.I. Sapiha Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Ukraine



thoracalgia, pain in the chest, Asprix, De-Span


Thoracalgia (pain in the chest) is one of the challenges which the neurologists and the physicians of different specialties — orthopedic traumatologist, rheumatologists, family doctors, primary care physicians, physiatrists, acupuncturists, chiropractic — face most often in clinical practice. It is the second reason after acute stomachache the patients seek emergency medical care. This term means a sense of pain in thoracic pain accompanied by muscle tension in the back and neck. It is worth noting that this problem is insidious since the pain in the chest may result not only from spine lesions but the diseases of other body organs (for example, heart), and the resembles of the symptoms may provoke misdiagnosing. The study includes systemic analysis of the literature data to evaluate diagnostic and treatment methods.


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