Multiple sclerosis in twins


  • O.V. Kubariev Odesa City Children’s Hospital 3, Odesa, Ukraine
  • T.I. Boсherova Odesa City Children’s Hospital 3, Odesa, Ukraine
  • S.K. Yevtushenko Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkiv, Ukraine



multiple sclerosis, children, twins


In 3 to 10 % of cases, multiple sclerosis (MS) onset is before the age of 16, and in less than 1 % of patients — under the age of 10. In the modern domestic literature, there are no publications that would describe cases of MS in twins, but it is established that the concordance of monozygotic twins for MS is only 30 %. We observed and treated a dizygotic pair of twins with the onset of multiple sclerosis. It was found that a patient with more pronounced manifestations of sclerosis had a higher level of homocysteine compared to his twin brother, who had a few focal changes when using magnetic resonance imaging. In our opinion, it is advisable toexamine both children from a pair of twins for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, even when one of patients has symptoms and the other has no symptoms.


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