Vertebrogenic pain of the cervicobrachial localization in young people: some psycho-emotional features and state of autonomic regulation


  • N.S. Kufterina Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkiv, Ukraine



acute and chronic vertebrogenic cervicalgias, cervicocranialgia, autonomic dysfunction


The article presents the results of a comparative study of the psycho-emotional, autonomic status and severity of pain in 96 patients aged 18 to 35 years, suffering from acute (50 people) and chronic (46 individuals) vertebrogenic pain syndromes in the neck and shoulder area. We detected a syndrome of autonomic dysfunction with impaired autonomic homeostasis and homeokinesis in the studied patients. Autonomic imbalance manifested itself in the sympathetic orientation of autonomic functions in the study of autonomic tone and inadequate homeostatic reactions identified in the study of samples for autonomic reactivity, which were more pronounced in patients suffering from chronic pain. Autonomic provision of physical and emotional activity turned out to be predominantly excessive (in acute pain syndrome) or predominantly insufficient (in chronic), which indicated the depletion of homeokinetic mechanisms and decompensation of autonomic regulation in chronic pain. Autonomic dysfunction was combined with anxiety and depressive disorders, the frequency and severity of which depended on the duration of pain and influenced its perception.


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