Acute cerebrovascular accident as the first manifestation of a left atrial myxoma

R.M. Vitovsky, V.V. Isaenko, A.A. Pischurin, I.V. Martyshchenko, V.F. Onishchenko, D.N. Dyadyun, G.L. Konoplyova


This article demonstrates a case of unusual diagnosis of a left atrial myxoma on the background of acute cerebrovascular accident, after which the female patient was referred to the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. According to emergency indications, the following surgery was performed: removal of an aciniform left atrial myxoma with multiple fragments, the detachment of which could cause repeated embolism of the vessels of systemic circulation.


heart myxoma; embolism; acute cerebrovascular accident


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