The alteration of immunoglobulin glycosyl determinants in patients with multiple sclerosis as a diagnostic marker of the disease

К.М. Hychka


Background. The study aimed to investigate the aspects of glycosyl determinants alteration in human with multiple sclerosis that have not been studied before. Materials and ­methods. Glycosylation of antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) have been studied and compared with serum antibodies with the determination of their nature. The detection of multiple sclerosis (MS) specific autoantibodies can serve as a reliable biomarker for this disease. Eighteen samples of serum of healthy donors (HD) and 20 samples of serum of patients with MS were analysed, 12 of which were samples of CSF of patients with MS. Results. An analysis of the immune complexes of IgM molecules bound to IgG molecules revealed a significant difference in their content between the serum of HD and the serum of patients with MS who had slightly higher levels of IgG-IgM immune complexes. Lectin enzyme-linked immunosorbent analysis has shown that the level of exposure of sialic residues detected with SNA lectin was significantly higher in patients with MS compared to healthy donors. There was also an increase in the level of exposure of fucose residues to both serum and CSF immunoglobulins in MS patients compared to healthy donors. The level of their exposure to CSF immunoglobulins was significantly higher than a level in serum immunoglobulins. Conclusions. The level of exposure of fucosyl and sialyl residues to the serum and CSF in MS patients significantly differs. In all cases, the number of immunoglobulin molecules detected was the same. Thus, it was shown that in the tested samples of sera and CSF of the patients with MS, the exposure of terminal sialic acids and bark fucosyl residues significantly altered, which was not associated with changes in the number of N-glycans themselves or the appearance of additional glycosylation sites on immunoglobulins molecules.


glycosylation; cerebrospinal fluid; multiple sclerosis; immunoglobulins; biomarker


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