Long-term comprehensive medical, social and educational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the psycho-physical development

I. Halina, M. Ihonina, E. Kitaiskaya, I. Vozniuk, M. Lutsenko, V. Shpanner


The report deals with the results of more than 30-year activity of innovative for Ukraine system of support and rehabilitation for people with special needs. The main purpose of the project was to work out and introduce a contemporary model of rehabilitation for that form of disability instead of the existing institutional system. Such a model has been worked out and implemented by Janusz Korczak Rehabilitation Institute of Medical Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities in the Psycho-physical Development in tight coope-ration with MI “Rehabilitation Centre of People with Mental Handicap”. Acting together, they created the rehabilitation system which includes early intervention department, kindergarten groups, daycare groups for children and for adults with severe forms of mental handicap, sheltered workshop and shelter for adults. During more than 25 years of activity, the rehabilitation complex proved its effectiveness and expediency as a surrogate to the institutional system.


people with mental handicap; rehabilitation


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