Neuroprotection after systemic thrombolysis in patients with ischemic stroke: a case report

H.P. Pasichnyk, Yu.N. Martynchuk, V.M. Orel


This paper provides an overview of clinical cases of ischemic stroke, the treatment of which was performed using systemic thrombolysis and high doses of Сerebrolysin for the purpose of neuroprotection. The author pays special attention to the effectiveness of such a combination. The combination of thrombolytic therapy and neuroprotection is a safe and effective treatment for stroke. The combination of thrombolytic therapy with Cerebrolysin in the maximum therapeutic doses demonstrates high power and speed of therapeutic effect, the absence of side effects and complications, reduces the size of infarction, prevents the formation and spread of brain edema, stabilizes microcirculation, normalizes neurological disorders and cognitive impairment.


stroke; neuroprotection; thrombolysis; thrombolytic therapy; Cerebrolysin


Міщенко Т.С. Епідеміологія цереброваскулярних захворювань та організація допомоги хворим з мозковим інсультом в Україні. Український вісник психоневрології. 2017. 1(90). С. 22-24.

Lang et al. International Journal of Stroke. 2013. Vol. 8. Р. 95-103.


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