Clinical features and treatment of non-complicated thoracic spine hemangiomas

Yu.Ye. Pedachenko, Hao Hu


Hemangiomas of thoracic vertebrae are non-malignant tumors. In majority of cases, they are incidental findings and don’t need any treatment, just observation. Some patients have hemangiomas, which are growing and destroy vertebral body. In the absence of treatment, it leads to compression fractures due to minimal trauma. Also, hemangiomas can destroy posterior wall of vertebral body and spread into spinal canal. These conditions cause disability and tremendously decrease quality of patient’s life. Doctor has to answer whether hemangioma in each case is accidental finding, or has aggressive course. In the period from 2009 to 2016, we operated 128 patients with aggressive hemangiomas. Based on analysis of our data, we have found some clinical symptoms specific for aggressive hemangiomas. Percutaneous vertebroplasty allows both to avoid the corresponding disabling complications, and to improve the quality of life of the patient due to decrease of pain syndrome.


vertebral hemangioma; thoracic spine; pain syndrome; vertebroplasty


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