Effect of the course of Rivastigmine Orion on the mnestic functions of patients with cognitive deficit associated with Parkinson’s disease

O.V. Shalenko, S.A. Kryzhanivskyi, I.M. Karaban


The article presents the results of a comprehensive analysis of the effect of the course treatment using cholinesterase inhibitor (Rivastigmine Orion) on mnestic functions in patients with cognitive deficit associated with Parkinson’s disease. Under the influence of Rivastigmine Orion (3–6 mg/day for 3 months), a positive dynamics of motor activity and mnestic functions is noted according to the results of neuropsychological examination (MMSE, MoCA, FAB) in patients with Parkinson’s disease of advanced age, which leads to social independence and independence in everyday life, improvement of the quality of life.


Parkinson’s disease; cognitive deficit; Rivastigmine Orion


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